Why use a Customs Broker?

Put simply: We focus our efforts on the specialization of clearing goods. We handle every detail of your goods entering into the US on a daily basis, and as a result, we’ve established friendships with carriers’ employees and forwarders. Because we have a familiarity with your merchandise, many potential problems can be identified before they have a chance to occur.

We also help clients choose modes of transportation and appropriate carriers, assigning the best routes on shipments, preparing estimates, and dealing with forty other regulatory agencies.

What duties and taxes are payable?

All commercial goods imported into the US are subject to customs duty and taxes unless they are exempt. First, we determine the tariff classification and from there we assess the applicable duties and taxes. In addition, some merchandise is also subject to other taxes: excise duty, countervailing duties and anti-dumping duties.

When should I contact a Customs Broker?

Contact us before your shipment arrives into the US. We begin to arrange clearance of your merchandise before it even arrives to its destination. We are also connected directly to US Customs via ABI (Automated Broker Interface) at all hours of the day, everyday.

What is an HTS number?

HTS is short for the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, a system that is used to determine the ten digit code – or tariff number – of a product imported into the United States.

Can we import our goods without the services of a customs broker?

Merchandise up to $2,000.00 can be imported without the assistance of a Customs Broker. However, it is ultimately up to the discretion of a US Customs officer to accept or deny your declaration.


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