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Ormsby International was established in 1985 by Richard W. Ormsby Jr. to alleviate the oftentimes confusing process of customs clearance. Having worked with steamship lines, FESCO and SHOWA early in his career, Richard was able to experience firsthand an industry that could be both complex and unforgiving. With personalized service in mind, he focused his efforts on creating a company that would:

  • Work with customers on a one-to-one basis.
  • Establish trust in his system.
  • Build confidence between client and provider.

The goal: To offer simplified solutions while maintaining personalized service.


With this model still in hand, 35 years later Ormsby International has established a loyal customer following that today spans more than 45 countries. Our diverse clientele not only tells the story of what we are capable of accomplishing, but what we understand: Adaptability to our clients’ needs is paramount to our success.

From all of these experiences, we’ve been given the opportunity to personalize services for our customers. Whether clients are multinational establishments, small corporations or individuals, our relationships with each have set us apart from the standard.

We Care About Your Business

You can be assured Ormsby International will offer the utmost confidence and individualized attention needed to successfully navigate the clearance process. Please take a few moments to view the basic services available through this website. We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations, and thank you for visiting Ormsby International – a clear solution.

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